Dymar Mechanical has been in business since 1994 and we've had the opportunity to work on many varied job sites and projects which gives us a very wide range of knowledge and experience. Our Licensed and Certified staff ensure that we have the required skills to provide quality workmanship.


Custom Fabrication and Installation


Let Dymar Mechanical help you design your project or we can fabricate your design, working with Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum.  We can also install or repair your existing equipment.  With our Mobile Welders, we can do onsite repairs.


Please see our "Services" tab for a list of products and equipment we can provide.

Welded Kitchen Exhaust - Dust Collection


Dymar has fabricated and installed many different types of hoods/canopies and complete exhaust systems.  We have experience working with architects, contractors, fire suppression and fire departments in making sure your exhaust system meets all the required codes and design elements. With our G1 Gas Certification we can also hook up appliances, shut-off vavles etc.  In addtion to kitchen exhausts we also do systems for sawdust, welding fumes etc.



General Sheet Metal


Commercial and Industrial ductwork, fittings, dampers, exhaust fans, make-up air units, roof curbs, chimneys etc.

Whether working from your drawings or helping you decide what you need, you can be confident that our knowledge and experience will ensure you get a quality installation.

Makeup Air Unit

Dymar Mechanical Make-up Air Unit