Custom Fabrication & Installation.
Exhaust and Dust Collection.

The possibilities are endless.  Some of the products we fabricate include:


Chutes, Hoppers, Bins, Slides, Counters, Backsplashes

Pans, Trays, Pails, Lids, Kettles, Tables, Stairs, Shelving

Hoods, Canopies, Railings


Our specialty is custom Stainless Steel and Aluminum with emphasis on sanitary welding.  We have many years experience working in the Food and Beverage Industry and Healthcare.


With our Mobile Welders we are also able to do onsite repairs to large kettles, hoppers, guards etc.

We fabricate and install welded kitchen exhaust systems for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens.

Other exhaust systems for wood (sawdust) , welding fumes, etc.

General Sheet Metal.
Gas Fitting.        Mobile Welding.

Our staff are licensed and registered members of the Ontario College of Trades, ensuring quality workmanship and accountability.

We have over 30 years of experience working in the trade​.


Focusing mainly on commercial and industrial sheet metal we have worked on many different job sites on our own or as subcontractors for other Sheet Metal companies and Engineering companies.

Our quality and expertise often make us the go to company for jobs requiring exceptional work such as exposed ductwork in restaurants and businesses, specialized ductwork such as inserted burgular bars for banks and high security businesses, and any job site that may need some extra attention and thought.




With a G1 Gas certification we are able to install and service all of your gas equipment needs.


Dymar Mechanical is registered as a Fuels Safety Contractor with the Technical Safety Standards Authority.


Mobile Welding: TIG, MIG and ARC